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Master Yoda's Jedi T-Wing Starfighter

In the Star Wars saga Yoda just sits around in Dagobah and the Jedi Temple. But in his younger years Yoda might have had a Jedi Starfighter to be able to move around. It would be cool if he had one.
The actual creation I made has 767 parts, including many chrome ones, so it would cost about 90 to 100 $. The main colors of the ship are brown and dark green. It features an opening cockpit with a chair for Yoda, cannons in the side and front, flick-fire missiles in the side, an opening hatch where Yoda stores his lightsabers, and more than a few chrome parts, such as the cannons, the missiles (chrome silver and gold), the hatch, the astromech droid (!), and a lot of the pieces on the side of the ship. The minifigures are Yoda and the astromech droid.

Here is the cockpit in detail. Although Yoda can't sit down because of his small legs, I made a chair for him, that leans forwards and backwards. There is a lever and a radar, and controls on Yoda's side and front.

In this picture you can see the back of the ship and the hatch where Yoda stores his lightsaber.

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