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Green Abundance


This is a small compact spaceship model I built. It has a smooth exterior except a few studs and a 1x2 plate half protuding upside down. But within the graceful curves is a play feature. Press the 1x2 plate down to fire 2 spring-loaded missiles from the front. I have worked long and hard on this project to make its appearence and strength as good as possible within the size of the model and Lego's production limits. I have built a slightly less smooth but just as functunal physical model from set 75091.

I built the first prototype of this model while playing without planning ahead some years ago. I was amazed by how effective the design was. I later forgot about it and rediscovered the design some weeks ago and after some minor tweaks; I built it on LDD where I used the wider piece selection to further tweak the design before submitting it. I think this would make a great Lego set because it's smooth piece-effective design would appeal to AFOLs while its cheapness would appeal to parents and its spring-loaded missiles would appeal to kids.

This model consists of just under 100 pieces.

The third picture is an interioral shot

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