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Maiden's Tower

Long ago, when Europe was home to great warriors, princesses, elves, dwarfs and dragons, there lived two fearless knights, Sir Aymeric and Sir Theodore, who were on a quest for might, wealth and wisdom. According to Legend, beyond the vast Black Forest, beyond the mighty Rhine, beyond the dark Eiffel mines, hidden in a deep gorge, there stood a splendid tower, with a shining roof reflecting the glorious sunlight. There dwelt a princess, who, according to Legend, was fairer than the autumn sunrise and wiser than the philosophers of old. The princess lived there with her aunt, waiting for a knight she deemed worthy. It is said that with the princess by his side, the knight would come to be mightier than the Rhine, wealthier than the mines of the Eiffel and have wisdom vaster than the Black Forest. Sir Aymeric and Sir Theodore have overcome all obstacles on their path to the Maiden's Tower. Now that they have reached the tower, will their friendship survive as they become competitors? Will the princess consider either of them to be worthy? Is the Legend even true?

The design of the Maiden's Tower was largely inspired by my 2 year old daughter, whose favorite bedtime story a few months ago was "The Lego Architecture Book" by Alice Finch. A few days in a row, she pointed at the same two pictures in the book and asked me whether we could build a tower in the shape of the first picture but with the roof of the second picture. I decided to combine the style of typical half-timbered medieval houses with medieval glazed rooftop tiles (such as can still be seen across Burgundy, Alsace, Austria and other Central European regions today). The Maiden's Tower was finished by the day of her 3rd birthday in October and she has played with the tower almost every day since (under adult supervision of course).

The Maiden's Tower is a 2,985 piece set, which features:

  • Fully detachable roof
  • One wall on hinges that can completely open
  • An "elevator", which is a basket hung on a rope with a Lego-Technic mechanism to pull up / down
  • Balcony
  • Climbing plant
  • Large tree with a hollow trunk
  • Full set of furniture
  • 2 knights, a queen and a princess
  • 2 horses, a dalmatian dog, 2 doves, an owl and a raccoon
  • For easy assembly / disassembly, the brick tower separates into 2 parts and the "house" detaches, as well as the roof

I hope you will find this build aesthetically pleasing and worthy of being displayed in a prominent spot in your family room. The Maiden's Tower is definitely very playable, as tested by my daughter, who is coming up with an endless number of stories. The build is solid enough for my 3 year old to play with and because it is easy to disassemble into 4 parts (bottom tower, top tower, house and roof) it is easily transportable. I think this would fit in well with existing knights / castle sets and could easily be adapted to constitute a wizard tower or a fortified watch tower. I hope that, like me, you will find that this would be a nice Lego set and I hope that you will support this Lego product idea.

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