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Sushi Bar


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  • This is the sushi bar. I made this creation for my little brother, very sick but very fan of Japanese food (sushi, maki,  sashimi etc).
  • Out of the bar there is a colorful big sushi-sign.
  • In this bar, there are small steps which go to a platform where 5 minifigs can sit eat and drink.
  • There is an aquarium whith a shell and a crab.
  • There is an other table and two ( 2 ) sets near.
  • In front of the cash desk there is a fish-statue.
  • On the left of the cash desk, there is a working surface to cook sushis.
  • There is a particular knife (see photos) and a magnifying glass to help to remove the fishbones.
  • Just on the left of the cash desk, there is a board where food is on.
  • Out of the bar, the window shows 2 rotating boards with sushis, makis and moshis on.

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