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Studwalder Castle (Modular Castle)


Studwalder Castle is the main place of residence of the Kingdom's most powerful lord, Count Studwalder, standing on the border of his estates. Surrounded by a dense forest, it is an impregnable fortress and a cosy home at the same time.

I consider myself to be a great enthusiast for the castle theme and I think that a modular castle spectacular enough to be treat to look at on display but also offering great play value would be highly prized by other castle-lovers, collectors and kids alike.

This build is a small, compact, but highly detailed modular castle. The two bastions, the roof and the upper floor of the main building and the roof of the armory can be removed in one piece to reveal detailed interiors.

8 minifigures are included in the set: Count Studwalder, Lady Studwalder, 4 footmen and 2 archers. The many weapons, shields and helmets make the minifigures highly customizable and add to the play factor of the set.

The castle surroundings are also highly customizable, given that each piece of foliage stands upon separate plates, thus they can be freely moved and placed.

The set contains a grand total of 2993 pieces including minifigures and equipment.

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