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The Littlest Bookshop


Welcome to The Littlest Bookshop! Selling colourful books and newspapers for everyone, from unicorn mysteries to dino hunting to antique and vintage collections and much more! Pay for your books with LEGO money, or work behind the till serving the friendly customers! The Littlest Bookshop also has a resident cat you can play with while you read, you can listen to music on the Boom Box, and you can even buy sweets and LEGO Collectible Minifigures! The Littlest Bookshop contains 2 minifigures, a friendly cat, and totals 265 pieces.

The set includes:

  • Two minifigures: the shop owner and a customer
  • The shop cat
  • Many different printed tiles
  • A Boom Box, mobile phone, cash and a till
  • 2 antique and collectible books

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