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Winter Mill

Winter mill (or the organized traffic of elves...)
Santa Claus and his wife live happy days at the mill far from the festive turmoil, they enjoy the warmth of their chimney while a little cat takes a discreet nap upstairs.
"You'll have to think about changing those curtains Mother Christmas , I don't like this colour !"
Meanwhile, in the basement, a completely different music is playing. The elves have undertaken a morbid traffic in the nose and beard of the local authorities. They produce Limee, a strange green energising but deadly drink.
The bottling goes at a crazy pace, driven by the energy of the mill. The crates are ready to invade the market this winter.
Propol is driving for deliveries. He's racing down the snowy roads with his truck that he has named Duploplobil, what a funny name !
Bislou the deceiver is already in place with his stand, he has already sold countless litres of this green beverage. A victim of this one is lying in a cavity under the snow. He couldn't bear the energy charge caused by the Limee.

The mill is based on Marie-Antoinette mill from Versailles "hameau de la reine"

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