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The Sweet Bakery - Hinged, Modular Townhouse

Sweet pastel colors, lovely details and classic modular style... If you try hard enough, you can smell the cupcakes!

My daughters love the lego modular buildings, but they don't love taking them apart to play with the interiors.  So, I took the classic modular build and added a hinge to the side so that this bakery opens like a dollhouse. It still has the look of a modular townhouse, but can be taken down and really played with! (insert little girls' squeals of delight.)

This build includes a first floor bakery, complete with pastry display and cash register. A spiral staircase takes you to the second floor apartment where you will find a lovely bed with an adorable quilt and a cute kitchenette. The third floor is a wondrous loft filled with books, a feline friend and a comfy chair. A book lover's secret hideaway!

This is my very first MOC, and first time building in and submitting to Lego Ideas.  Suggestions and support are most appreciated!

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