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Food Delivery Robot


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The idea came up when I wanted that a robot will bring the food to my room.

I decided to build such robot from the LEGO MINDSTORMS I had at home.

This Robot brings food from the kitchen to the child’s room, or to any other place at home, following a dark line on the floor.

The Robot uses its light sensor to follow a dark line, which directs him to the desirable location.

This is a cool Robot, simple and easy module to build and program.
It can also suite small children.

The food plate is located on the upper part of the Robot.

After the food is eaten the empty plate can be carried back to the kitchen by the robot on the same route.

We named it 'My Robot' so anyone can choose a name for his Robot.

I hope children would love this modal and be happy have a robot that brings their food to their room.

Can also be used to carry light and small objects from place to place.

Comment: This robot cannot climb steps!

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