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Isle of the Blessed


 My model is based on the castle from the “Isle of the Blessed”, a location from the 2008 Merlin TV series. This island was thought to be the center of The Old Religion, a powerful, dark magic.

 The characters of the Merlin series faced many dangers on the “Isle of the Blessed”, some of these dangers being: Nimueh, a powerful and cunning evil witch; the opening to the world of the dead and many more.

 I built this model because I used to watch the Merlin TV series with my parents and I wanted to see, the castle, in some day as a LEGO set.

 In my opinion, my model would make a great LEGO set because there aren’t many castles in the LEGO world and my model would be great for younger but also older LEGO fans. The model is made from three different parts that are easily attached to each other with technic pins. So the build can be separated apart and LEGO fans could make other versions of the castle.

 I hope LEGO fans will like my model and support it and I hope one day it will become an official LEGO set.

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