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SpaceBee X


The SpaceBee X is on a mission :
It travels from planets to planets, like a bee goes from flowers to flowers, conducting his crew to explore and analyse unknown celestial objects , and prepare them (if judged interesting) for the arrival of the terraforming / prospecting teams of the Company.

The crew is formed by five of the most efficient robots in their own specialties :
-The leader, X1, may be brutal and of a bad temper, but stay the best when it comes to take decisions in emergency situations.
-The second, the Nav-Com-Medic bot (NCM-3000), fortunately plays the role of a diplomat when needed.
-The pilot, X-Pil, is strongly attached to his task, and revels in it.
-DEF1 is the firepower of the band. His strong multipurpose lasers have already been used, regretably, for needs of self-defense (as labelled in the intergalactic convention of Paris 2367).
-Finally, the RoboCarrier never cease to impress with his outstanding durability and steadiness (Well, it's certainly not his personality which is unforgettable).

The idea for this set has come to me with a taste for good old SciFi adventure, somewhere between 1980's Lego and Alien, with a desire to make some minifig-scale robots... and with an urge to make something of the two big pieces of "cage" aquired in a big bag at a garage sale ^^

I know this is not a chef d'oeuvre, but I am pretty happy with the hymenopteran-theme to the look of the ship...
What is certainly interesting too is the possibility to exploit the idea, step by step constructing a whole fleet for the Company...
Sky is the limit !


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