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Bionicle: The Return - Titan Rahkshi of Earth and Fire


#Warning, this set is not accurate to the Bionicle storyline that LEGO will be releasing next year, nor is it intended to replace it. Nevertheless I hope you enjoy and support this set.#

With Teridax's return also comes a swarm of creatures reborn with new and frightening abilities. The Rahkshi, or the Sons of Makuta (Teridax), were once considered the most dangerous creatures out there. And for good reason.

Now they return, with new and incredible powers. From acid to sound waves, it is unknown how many different types of Rahkshi Teridax has created, and even more so how many of each there are. And yet, he still won't stop creating new and frightening creatures of destruction.

Once the Unknown revived him, Teridax began to secretly create three new Rahkshi to match all six elemental powers. First was the Rahkshi of Ice and Water, with the power to flood the lands and bury it in snow. Then he created the Rahkshi of Fire and Earth, giving him the power of the volcanoe. Then he created the Rahkshi of Wind and Stone, to catch his enemies in the twisting vortex of a tornado.

This was the first Titan Rahkshi that I created. After constantly trying to make my own pair of legs that worked with him, I finally added Maxilos' legs from Maxilos and Spinax (product of LEGO in 2007), and realized how well they worked with the design. I then built legs for the other Titans with the same design, though with slight armor, foot and cnemis part (cnemis is the part of a leg between the knee and the ankle) differences.

I especially liked creating the scythe. I don't think I ever saw a Bionicle produced by LEGO weilding one, and they make unique and outstanding weapons. I also like how the red and black mix, providing this relationship between fire and earth.

I hope you like this set. Please support, and stand ready for more Bionicle, Star Wars, and a comeback of UCS Fantasy sets. The last picture is a clue as to one of the upcoming sets of Bionicle: The Return.

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