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Lego Ninjago 10 Years Anniversary Overlord Mech Set

Image 1:
in this set there are six game piece figures as Kai, Jay, Zane, Cole, Lloyd, and Sensei Wu and one Lego figure as the Overlord.

Image 2:
The builds in this set is Cyrus Borgs tower of power, The Overlord's mech, translucent yellow spider rope pieces to recreate the scene of the overlord's webs covering the tower of power.

Image 3:
And just like in the show you can attach the Overlords mech onto the overlords webs(heads up depending on how you place the build on the webs it may or may not balance on the webs).

image 4&5:
and along with this set Zane comes with a Freez piece so you can recreate the scene of Zane sacrificing himself by attaching zane onto the freez piece and then attach that to the front of the Overlord mech

The reason why i made this set is because to help Lego Ninjago celebrate they're 10 years anniversary.

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