Product Idea |

Floating Island

What is it?

My build is about a "Floating Island" with build-in basic needs (i.e. water, fish, fruits and plants). Have included a sole-occupant (which can be expanded) who is generally happy with this simple life.

In my creation, I have included a lot of "nature" (tree, pond, waterfall-esque ambience, flowers and an apple) and "back-to-basic" elements (i.e. fishing, etc) to remind myself of the simpler things in life. Of course, if this becomes a set, builders can feel free to "expand" on the accessories with what ever they feel is a necessity to living on a floating island.

Why Did I Build It?

I have always been fascinated by the concept of a "Floating island", having seen such visuals being drawn in comic books or as part of a mineral water advertisement. While all these materials portray a form of escapism or rejuvenating feeling, to me the idea of a "Floating Island" is simply about everyone's personal physical space on Earth. With the present and most likely future generation(s) being confined to apartments/condominiums with limited build-up space - the idea/dream of having your own "Floating Island" is very real and exciting. 

I Believe This Would Make a Great Lego Set because...

1) Land is scarce. People can resonate with small homes and accommodations available. Hence, building this set will (hopefully) inspire those who are affected to eventually get their dream home/island one day.

2) It makes a good conversation piece (and definitely a good looking one on anyone's work desk) at the office, a "man cave" or on a coffee table.

3) It is challenging to build, as you have to brick it both ways (i.e. top-to-bottom and vice versa).

4) The outcome is endless. Builders can add-on accessories and even mini figures to make this Island more homelier.

5) Since there are already space-related and fantasy based sets created by Lego, I feel that having a Floating Island set would blend in well.

Play Well!

p.s. For added impact when bricking this, listen to Louis Armstrong’s “It’s a wonderful world”.