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Four Seasons


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Four Seasons

Tired of switching out Lego displays throughout the year? Four Seasons aims to be a model that can be displayed all year long. Due to its circular nature, you can easily rotate the model to fit the respective season. 


  • In the Spring section of the model, the flowers near the tree begin to bloom, signifying the growth throughout the Spring season. Under the cherry blossoms, the minifigure family enjoys a nice picnic beside the water, and the kids can go fishing as well. If you look carefully, little eggs can be found hidden among the flowers!


  • The Summer season brings about fun outdoors beside the ocean waves. The minifigure family goes all out with their beach chairs and umbrellas. Whether it's relaxing by the ocean waves, building a sandcastle, or enjoying some barbecue, there's always something to do in the summer season.


  • The Autumn season is a time of harvests and preparations as the seasonal year winds down. In this section, a small wheat and pumpkin farm are guarded by a friendly scarecrow as the water and overall ambience becomes cooler. The minifigure family holds a grand feast as winter draws near.


  • The Winter season arrives bringing snow and freezing the water. While cold, there is still fun to be had in the winter! From ice skating to building a snowman, there is plenty to do during this cool :) season. To celebrate the upcoming holidays, the minifigure family sets up a Christmas tree glowing throughout the season.


  • For this model, not only did I want to make a set that could be dipslayed all year long but also one that told a story. Throughout the model, subtle details such as the flowers surrounding the tree show the passage and flow of time. The flowers of spring start off miniscule before blooming by the end of the season (in this case, the end of the section). The flora of spring eventually grow out during the summer season before dawning the dark reds and oranges of autumn. By winter, most of those flowers are gone, with only little dark green buds scattered through the snow. The snow can be seen melting away at the beginning of spring as the cycle repeats. The tree leaves further exemplify the flow of time as their color changes throughout the model.


  • This model without minifigures is 2852 pieces. If I had access to more recent minifigure parts, I would replace the winter hair pieces with hoods such as part 36933. In other words, these minifigures I provided in the build are sample figures. If this were to pass review, the minifigures would, hopefully, have more updated prints. With the estimation of minifigure parts, the model is around 2932 pieces. The model is about 40cm (16in) diameter.

Closing Remarks

  • Thank you for reading and checking out my project! If you enjoy what you see and want this to become an official set, feel free to support the project. Thanks again for your time and consideration!


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