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Hero Factory: Master Scourge

This story was written by MachineWolf7 and edited by me. Find original in comments.

Mark Surge had always believed he had been built with a flaw, and feared that he would one day fall to evil. He never understood that this Flaw had a mind of its own, and desired only two things: power, and Surge to accept it. Setting about its schemes when Surge was inactive, it sent out several probes through Makuhero City and the galaxy, finding the people who would become Von Nebulae, Witch Doctor and Fire Lord. Setting them up to function only one at a time, the Flaw set each villain up for defeat, knowing they could not succeed on their own.

Its next move was to summon the mercenary Black Phantom and in turn create/unleash the Brains. The one that jumped Surge was made to awaken the Flaw to full power, allowing it to take control of Surge even should he be aware of it. The making of template heroes into an army was a ruse to throw off suspicion of the attacks true nature. Unconsciously, Surge reprogrammed the factory building tower for the next stage of the Flaw's plans.

After releasing all of the lower class villains within Hero Factory, Surge released Fire Lord and Witch Doctor, and had them climb to the building tower, carrying Von Nebula’s staff. There, before the titans got there, the Flaw revealed to Surge its existence, and forced him to join the two villains in the tower. However, the Flaw had repurposed the tower to combine whoever was inside.

In moments, the program activated, tearing the three titans apart and rebuilding their pieces onto Surge. Fueled by Nebulas hate, Fire Lords madness and Witch Doctors lust for Power, Surge fell full into the Flaws grasp, accepting it as his only friend. Taking the name Master Scourge, he arose, ready to take what he viewed as rightfully his. Hero Factory was no longer the main goal, and would only be used to further his schemes. Master Scourge was now set to take his place as master of the galaxy... or destroy it if he could not.

Thank you, MachineWolf7, for writing this story.

I suggest you take a look at MachineWolf7's page (link up top). I have one more Hero Factory set coming up: Brained Surge (what Surge would've really looked like if he was mutated by the Brain on his head).

Have fun. And "Leg godt" (Play well).

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