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Paradise International Airport

Have you ever been to an airport? Or have you ever flown on an airplane?
Imagine going on vacation in a small town with a small airport. That airport is small but it is big enough to have big airplanes. This is all now possible with Paradise International Airport!
Discover in the airport
In the airport there is a check in area for all the passengers. There is also a waiting area for all the passengers to wait for their plane. If they do not want to wait indoors then they can go outside and wait outdoors! Outdoors there is a waiting area with a vending machine, there are also bushes outside. All this makes the airport look tropical!
Discover in the plane
Inside the plane there are 10 seats for 10 passengers, there is a luggage compartment for all the passengers luggage. In the front of the plane there is a cockpit with a seat for the pilot.
Why it was built
This set was built because I really enjoy airports so I thought it would be fun to build an airport. I also built this set because I like challenges and I knew it would be a challenge to build an airport.
Why you should support
You should support this Lego set because then it will be possible to enjoy this set in person!
I believe this would make a good Lego set Because...
There is a good number of pieces in this set and also if this were a set then everyone would be able to enjoy it!
Age range
The age range for this set is 7+ but it would be okay for any age above 3
important facts
  • 4 minifigures
  • 346 total parts
  • Luggage compartment opens
Remember: Please support!

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