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Rat Rod & Garage


Definition of a Rat Rod (Wikipedia):

A style of hot rod or custom car that, in most cases, imitates (or exaggerates) the early hotrods of the 1940s and 1950s. Most rat rods appear "unfinished", regardless of their status, as only the vehicle's bare essentials are driven.

the Rat Rod:

884 pieces. 38 bricks long, 17 bricks wide, and 11 2/3 bricks tall. This was meant to fit right along with the creator expert vehicles line. The exterior is modeled after a 40s-50s truck with hints of Ford, Dodge and Chevrolet. In a true rat rod fashion I did not try to make it any make or model specific, instead it is a mix match of all the best! up front is only a grill and radiator with a "rat" hood ornament for laughs. Behind that is a functioning V6 engine. I don't normally like to use Lego's engine pieces, but they fit so perfect in this model I decided to go that route. Additional details to the engine, such as an intake manifold, fuel rails and exhaust headers have been added. There are so many different ways to configure this engine setup and make it your own, add a blower on top, crazy exhaust, etc! The cab features small side mirrors and simple T-shaped door handles. The back is a styleside bed without the fenders. A working tailgate with crooked license plate finishes it off. In the bed there is some wood decking and a fuel cell. No room underneath since it has been lowered to the ground. Different color choices could be brown, red, yellow, black, or my favorite, rusty mix match!

Inside the model there is a two tone bench seat with curves in every direction and head rests. The tilted steering wheel has gas, brake and clutch pedals below. The curved floor board has a typical transmission tunnel or hump down the middle. Twin shifters come up from the floor. Personalize the interior with a skull head shiftknob, or maybe a wrench for a shift lever? There is an adjustable rear view mirror hanging from the ceiling. On the dash you will find gauges, including speed, tachometer, choke and head lights, as well as an old cassette player. The inside of the doors feature two tone arm rests, speakers, a window crank and a door pocket.  There are many different two tone color combinations which could be used for the interior.

the Table Top Garage:

333 pieces, all on a 32 x 32 baseplate. Functional engine hoist to pick the engine out of your rat rod. Roll around work seat with raise and lower handle. Creeper board to work down low. And of course, the work bench. Casters underneath, drawers and cabinets on both sides, and stocked with tools. Together, with the rat rod, this set would make a fun, creative, and playable conversation piece for your work or at home!

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