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Australian Outback.


Welcome to the Out Back! Where the earth is red and the water is scarce. Where the creatures are as deadly as they look. It ain’t for the faint hearted out here. If there isn’t a red back spider hiding in your boot then there’ll be a brown snake underneath your floor boards. If the wildlife doesn’t appeal to you then enjoy the sunny climate where temperatures can reach up to a scorching 50 degrees Celsius! This isn’t the Wild Wild West it’s the Great Southern Land. There aren’t any cowboys out here just stockmen. Forget about your pine wood log cabin and say hello to the tin roof shack!

Every good stockman knows a hard day of droving cattle deserves a hard cup of tea! Pop on the kettle and enjoy Australia’s favourite pastime: having a cuppa with the fam. We’ve got kangaroos and didgeridoos. Cricket bats and wombats. Dirt roads and cane toads. 

The Australian Outback has never been represented in a LEGO set before! We’ve seen the Wild West, tropical jungles, Egyptian deserts and Californian beaches but never the Australian Outback! Join this exciting project to make it become a reality. The Australian Outback setting has SO much potential for new and interesting wildlife and cultures to be represented in LEGO form. From the richness of ancient indigenous culture to modern agricultural farming. I for one am dying to see a kangaroo and koala finally represented in LEGO. I’d also love to see a dark orange base plate to represent the red earth. 

So vote for this project to bring the Australia Bush to your toy shop shelves. Get off the beaten track, it’s time to GO BUSH!

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