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Sky Writing Plane


Here it is! The new rendition of the 20th Century wonder; air texting! Just kidding. All jokes aside, this plane is the perfect model of excellence where air writting is concerned. Based on fixed-winged aircraft that were popular during the 1930's, this plane is a perfect addition to any lego aviation kit. Much controversy has arisen about the first origins of skywriting. Some dispute that it began in England in 1919 and was used in the United States the following year. Still others say that a pilot, Art Smith by name, flew in exhibitions at the 1915 Panama-Pacific International Exhibition in San Francisco ending his breath taking flights with the words "good night." Whenever it was started it bounded into popularity in the early 1930's, taking off commercially thereafter. The first major skywriting organization was the Skywriting Company of America. Their first big client was the Pepsi-cola company, who used it to reach a mass market. It now makes its comeback on Lego Ideas :-) Enjoy!

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