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Angelo Kelly – Off Road Tour


In the 1990s, the world experienced a musical phenomenon. A family that made its living from street music was conquering the hearts of millions of fans around the world: The Kelly Family.

Their youngest son was the young Angelo Kelly.

Many years later, Angelo Kelly himself has a wife and children. In 2010 they decided to travel through Europe in an old motorhome and to make their living by street music, too. The motorhome was their home for three years. Some part of their journey is known as the Off Road Tour.


The set would include minifigures of Angelo Kelly and his family as it was during the Off Road Tour: Angelo, his wife Kira, the two daughters Helen and Emma, ​​and the two sons Gabriël and Joseph - and of course the camper. Their youngest son William wasn't born yet.

The camper is seven studs wide and therefore minifig scale. Regarding the size it perfectly fits in every LEGO city. It has an interior that is reminiscent of the interior of the original motorhome - an alcove, a seating area in front, a kitchen in the middle, bunk beds in the back and the bathroom in the rear.

To be able to play with and in the camper, the roof can be removed. In order to be able to put a driver in the car, in a second step the alcove can be removed, too. You can also open and close the door to the living area.


I originally designed the camper for my wife as a birthday present. She is a big fan of the Kelly Family and especially of Angelo Kelly. Since my wife should be able to build it by instructions and there was the eventuality that our kids would play with it afterwards, I put a focus on playability and relatively easy building steps.


The steered wheels, as seen on the cover photo, are just a gimmick and would probably not be feasible in a set. The car would not be playable with these. But even with straight steered wheels it would be a nice model to display.


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