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Puzzle Cube


Calling all puzzle people! This is the set for you! This is a model of a classic puzzle box, fashioned in Lego form. This set includes one beautiful puzzle box in the shape of a perfect cube, complete with five challenging steps, all leading up to a treasure trove chock full of coins and jewels. This model is built of mainly bluish-gray pieces, bricks on the outside, not to mention tiles and the occasional technic element on the inside for the sliding components. Challenging to open, simple to build!

I conceived the idea for this model after thinking about practical uses for tile elements, and soon had constructed an exiting and challenging model for one primary purpose: to completely baffle my friends and relatives by letting them try to open it! I thought that other Lego/puzzle fans deserved to have something just like my puzzle cube, and it is!

This would make a good Lego set because of the fun, interesting design, and the surprises in opening it. For example; on the last step, you press a button on the bottom of the model and- Pop!- a section of the top flies off, opening the treasure trove. I would just love to see other Lego fans being able to buy and build this model.