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Family Flintstone home


Family Flintstone is one of the best cartoon for kids ever made. 

It will be great opportunity to see it in our favorite toys.

This set has:

6 minifigures, Dino the dinosaur (not new molded pieces,his mold is the same mold as Dinosaur from Toy Story) Fred's car, Flintstone's house with yard. 

Minifigures are: 

-Fred Flintstone

-Wilma Flintstone




-Bam Bam

This set has 647 pieces including Minifigures and their accessories. No new molded pieces,just new printings. Please notice: Dino is not new piece

This set has Fred's car and His house.

House has a garage,yard with tree and some flowers,an also removable floor and back wall.

Inside the house there are kitchen,TV for Fred and Barney,places where they can seat,desk and small dragon to open some drinks and also it has gramophone with small white bird.

For yard there is grass cutter.

Please support this set if You want to see our favorite family and their neighbors in our favorite toys,

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