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Art Gallery


Welcome to the Art Gallery! Situated in this modern building with a large curved window, there is something to suit every minifigure's taste!

The building features three floors:

  1. Ground Floor (Fine Art Gallery and Gift Shop)
  2. First Floor (Modern Art Gallery and Café)
  3. Second Floor (Kids Area and Artist's Studio)

The ground floor is complete with a reception desk, exhibition room and a gift shop. This floor contains the fine art section of the gallery, where you'll find wall mounted paintings, a lower plaza with statues, and a spiral staircase to take you to the upper floors.

The first floor is home to the modern art exhibition, with wacky sculptures and unusual paintings. Visitors can also rest for a bite to eat at the café, complete with fully stocked kitchen and hot food counter. There is a choice of indoor seating or an outdoor balcony with tables.

On the second floor is a kids painting area and also a glass art collection on display. You can watch the artist at work in his artist's studio as he completes his latest masterpiece. This floor also contains a toilet and gallery owner's office.

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