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Truck and log splitter


In every city, there are some trucks so every Lego city needs a truck. My truck is the perfect one. It has a sport truck look and it has a hitch that fits with most of Lego trailers. Its red color makes it different than other Lego cars because most of the time, they are blue, yellow or orange.

I have made a log splitter with it for the simple reason that a truck can easily go in the woods to work. Some kids would maybe like to have a kit with the one they could play in a city or in the woods. My “Truck and log splitter” project could come with a minifigure, a chain-saw and wood to split.

It has approximately 165 bricks.

Well, my project could be the first Lego truck Kit! Thank you for your support if you like my “Truck and log splitter” project.

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