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This set is based on the hit show SpongeBob SquarePants it has details from the show and the houses of his next-door neighbors including Patrick and sandy. It has play features including the patty wagon which makes it a fun playset for all.


SpongeBob-the main lovable star of the show

Sandy-SpongeBob's squirrel friend with a love of space exploration

Patrick-SpongeBob's star fish friend who is always up for jelly-fishing

Squidward-SpongeBob's squid friend with a passion for his clarinet

Gary-SpongeBob's pet snail

DoodleBob-a antagonist who pops up every now and then

The sets design is based off the 2000s feel of a set from the original SpongeBob line to make it feel classic yet fun at the same time for everyone to enjoy!

This set features the homes of Squidward, Sandy aswell as Patrick to make it feel lived in and enjoyable

Please support so we can get to 10k!

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