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The Pit Road


I would like to introduce my version of a pit road to you.

The railway equipment whitch is used in the mining for the evacuation by ore, coal and overburden and to the transport of the mate (miners) belong the pit road.

I have build the pit road because trains inspire me and a pit road is something special. A small train with many small details. The real pit road of this model stands in Bochum (germany) in the closed mine "Gibraltar"

With the play fun of a train, in the mine or as a field railway, this pit road fits in every lego scenery.

The train is 5 knobs wide.

With 5 trailers.

Approx. 437 parts (1 Minifigure)

The locomotive is 20 knobs lenght, a trailer 10 knobs.

8 knobs height

Thank you for visitig my project.

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