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Modular Castle


Defend the castle! Man the walls! Brace the gate!

Castles are scattered across Bryklond's countryside, places of refuge for the kingdom's inhabitants to hide when enemy armies attack or a hungry dragon returns from the mountains in search of its next meal. 

This 1825-piece set includes 10 minifigs and the components to make one modular castle: one gatehouse, two watch towers and four wall sections. These pieces all interconnect and can be reconfigured to make a variety of different castles. 

The gatehouse has a large wooden gate that can be barred from inside the castle, and a large portcullis that can be lowered to further protect the castle. 

The wall sections have been designed to appear large and imposing while using a relatively small number of pieces. 

The watch tower sections can be combined with the castle walls or used as standalone towers. Tower modules can be combined to make taller towers or additional balconies added. 

The set can be used with the Bryklond rules (coming soon!) to play through a siege against the castle. Can the defenders hold back the attacking force or will superior numbers allow the attackers to overrun the castle's defences? Using this set you can play as:

The castle defenders, including the prince, his trusty mage and the last standing defenders. 

The prince's uncle and his band of henchmen, a ragtag mix of thugs with a quickly cobbled together ballista. 

Bryklond is a tabletop role playing game that uses Lego to construct characters and environments. Use your existing Lego collection or check out my other Bryklond-themed sets on Lego Ideas. 

Farmhouse raid

All images have been rendered using Bluerender with Sunflow's mod.

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