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It is a Lego Technic Tiger.
I loved to make something different from the typical bulldozer and vehicle. I admire this animal, his strenght and his beauty.
The equilibrium wasn't easy to accomplish because his weight, but at the end I made it, even if the animal it is not too fast, but it is solid.
I tried to make the moving of the legs similar to reality and so for the head.
For the head I used the old flex system, it worked, ;)

The tiger can:
- move forward and backward;
- turn while he is moving;
- open and close the mouth;
- rise and low the entire head.

The tiger uses four PF motors:
- XL for the moving;
- M for the turning;
- M for the head;
- M for the mouth
- 1 linear actuator for the head moving;
- 1 mini actuator for the mouth.

I think it would be great to have Lego Technic animals on our shelves, with their iconic shape and their realistic movements.  

You can see him walking in this video:

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