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The Nether


Behold: the Nether!  This is my minifigure-scale Nether including both the Nether AND Overworld sides of the Obsidian Portal!  The detailed Nether side has Netherrack, a Nether Fortress, lava, gravel, soul sand and much more!

If you asked me what my favorite part is about this Lego Nether, I would have to go with the blaze.  I have seen many good Blazes, and ended up copying one at first.  Then I decided that this was my project, and it would be made with my style. 

I was going to use battle droid arms on the sides, but wherever I searched I couldn’t find them.  I went with these pieces until I found the droid arms, but these looked even better!

That’s not all.  The Overworld side has Steve’s house with crafting table and door, plus a small slope, 2 trees, and a zombie.

Everything in the set is 662 bricks, and I hope I get a supporter for every piece.  Maybe more!

I hope this gets to 10,000, but if it doesn’t, I know that it was worth it because I had so much fun building the Lego Minecraft Nether!

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