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Arco della Pace

Lego Architecture serie - Arco della Pace, Milano, Italy

"Milan is Italy’s city of the future, a fast-paced metropolis where creativity is big business, looking good is compulsory and after-work drinks are an art form." - Lonely PlanetMilan & the Lakes

Could Milan ever be without its own Lego Architecture set? Italy's capital of business and fashion, the second largest Italian city and the home of the first-ever italian Lego store can now have one of its main landmarks in a Lego version!

The 1:250 scale model is designed taking inspiration from the Lego Arc de Triomphe set project, and I am especially proud of the solution I used to connect layers when horizontal pieces were used. The white marble columns hold the three archs, statues and reliefs; on the top, bronze statues and "horses" (sort of...) dominate the surrounding square.

303 pieces and a 12x18 studs base make this set a compact architecture model, perfect for being displayed not only in your Architecture collection, but in a business environment as well!

Milan & coronavirus

The Lombardy region, and its capital Milano, have been violently struck by coronavirus and COVID-19. Other cities in Lombardy - Bergamo, Brescia, Lodi - have ben struck even worse. In this time, people are not allowed to freely go out, restaurants and shops are closed, many people work from home and get out just for buying some food. 
Our Arco is alone in its square too, without many pepole around. But this does not affect its strength, and it will wait for us to go back to look at it and enjoy the sun around it.
Stay at home, stay safe: play Lego and build your world at home.

Milan and its Arco

Milan donates the extraordinary opportunity to unearth secrets of fashion and business, culture and history.
Take your time to explore all the facets of the city: enjoy your "aperitivo", try the local cuisine - from saffron risotto and fried cutlet Milanese, to the traditional Christmas Panettone. Please, admire the majestic Duomo's architecture, and let yourself be enchanted by our beautiful Navigli.

The Arco della Pace is one of these old gates and is nowadays one of the most famous landmarks in Milan, also known as Porta Sempione or simply "Arco", as locals usually refers to it.

The Arch is located in a wide round square at the end of Parco Sempione, the main city park of Milan, designed to provide a panoramic view encompassing both the Arch and the Castello Sforzesco, located right on the other end. It also marks the beginning of Corso Sempione, which ideally connects Milan to Paris through the Simplon Pass.

The neoclassical triumphal arch is 25 m high and 24 m wide, surrounded by corinthian columns and decorated with bas-reliefs and statues is mainly made of marble and bronze. Decorations are inspired by major events of Italian and European history or mythological legends.

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