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The Buggy Drone


It's my honor to present to you THE B-Copter, I am a big fan of Drones and Quadrators so I wanted to create a unique LEGO set for the 1st Drone with unique Mechanical structure to illustrate how real drones fly with a bug shape as the Bee.

THE B-Copter is designed in a fully functioning Mechanical way( H design), The 4 Propeller rotate at the same time but each 2 opposites are rotating in the same direction ( 2 clockwise & 2 anti-clockwise in PIC #12) and it is ready for Power function as well.

I believe that this LEGO set would be a great introduction for the Drones in the LEGO world with some engineering Mechanisms that are simple and fascinating at the same time.

I hope you liked & support the Design to have it as a real Lego Set !

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