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The House of a Brilliant Woodcarver

In this set I have made one of my biggest models ever, at exactly 2,999 pieces. It is mini figure scale, and highly detailed. The house contains 2 apparatuses that the brilliant woodcarver invented: a ceiling fan powered by an outdoor windmill, and a waterwheel- powered table saw. The attic contains 2 old boxes of tools, and a trapdoor which you cannot see in the pictures. The top floor is a storage space for "blanks" (uncut/ carved wood). The 2nd floor is a bedroom/ drawing room (and also contains the wind powered fan). And the lower floor is a building area, with the waterwheel table saw, a worktable, and a new apparatus being built on the table. Mr. Pin A. Caea (the woodworker) is sitting outside in his chair, whittling, while his dog watches. The base is made partially of about 1,500 1x1s, which I used to make a very textured landscape. The base also includes a man made stream that Mr. Pin uses to power his water wheel. 

     I think this would make a great set because of how detailed it is, although I just built it for fun. (Mr. Pin A. Caea comes from Pinacaea, which is the family that pine trees are in.)

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