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LEGO Store


Built for real! I like to build my ideas with the parts that I have at my disposal home, not on a program on my computer where it’s kind of too easy to get the perfect brick you want. Having a restriction in the parts available gives a bigger challenge!

This time, my project is a LEGO store full of Easter eggs to celebrate LEGO’s past. Can you find them all? I also integrated a small vehicle which is inspired by the BRP Can-am Spyder to cruise on a sunny day in your LEGO city. What do you think?

The LEGO store includes a few interesting playable items like:

  •  A easy removable roof
  • A pick a brick wall
  • The dragon on the wall as seen in many real LEGO stores
  • A minifigure building stand
  • Two vintage LEGO bricks (I have an image to show you the differences)
  • A classic minifigure
  • Two LEGO store employees
  • 4 kids
  • 7 other minifigures
  • Red VIP minifigure
  • Solar panels on the roof
  • A place to place the battery pack for power functions lights to light up the interior of the store!

As always, my set is a playable but also perfect to display it!

Thanks for your time! / Merci de votre temps!

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