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Over the Garden Wall

A few days ago, I decided to rewatch one of my favorite TV shows with my sister, this series is Over The Garden Wall, a quite scary and interesting thing. Immediately, I had the idea of designing something from this show, but I was having a hard time while deciding what to do... Finally, I thought that this was the coolest thing to do: The Windmill.

This set is composed of the wooden windmill as well as 6 characters. The windmill has a functional rotating wheel that can be moved by spinning a technic pin hidden in the interior. I really wanted to make the building as messy as possible to give it a more realistic look. In the interior, there are 2 rooms (one where some stairs are waiting to be walked through and another with a ton of wood and a furnace so that the Woodsmen can light his fire). On the right side of it, I've placed some rocks and two black turtles.

Now, talking about characters:
  • Wirt
  • Greg (with his rock)
  • Woodsmen

BRICK-BUILT characters:
  • Beatriz.
  • Jason Funderburker (frog)
  • The Beast.

I hope you enjoy this building, and thanks for everything!

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