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Mack Titan Heavy Duty Truck


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This is the Mack Titan, a heavy duty truck used for oversize loads and extreme conditions.

The model is built on top of a reinforced Technic chassis with remote controlled steering and driving functions and is made from approximately 900 pieces.

It features a 90 degree servo motor to control steering. This is placed horizontally inside the chassis which is then put through a reducing gear to prevent the wheels from over rotating and rubbing against the body.

All the rear wheels are powered and this is done via 1 XL motor which pushes the power through 2 differentials.

The battery box and I.R receiver are placed in the rear of the cab beneath a hinged roof for easy access.

As the model is intended to look good on display as well as being playable, there is no intrusion of wiring or motors into the cabin space which has manually operated doors and a detailed interior.

The aim of this project was to create a highly realistic and impressive model which was both playable and worthy of being proudly displayed at the same time, great attention to detail and functionality have been made but I am always open to comments and suggestions for updates!

Thanks for looking and I hope to hear your comments soon!



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