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The Butchery


The Butchery is a building with 2 storeys buildings. It's an half baseplate (16x32) modular building, and it's compatible with the other modular buildings. It includes 1424 pieces, with 13 new colorations of existing parts, and 1 printed part.
The Butchery was made with Bricklink's Studio 2.0 (building and rendering/photo).
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The first floor is the butchery. It comes with nice details for the front face, including a golden contour for the glass door, 2 lamps using the 13793 piece with 2 little white flames for a fancier look. At the back, there is a simple door, a box and and a window with window shutters. Inside, there is a wooden floor with a dark red outline, the owner's trophies on a shelf, a counter with some meats (bacon, sausages...), a checkout register with the menu and prices and a cellar with a pig and 2 chains. The stairs leads to the second floors.

The second floor is the psychologist's office. It has 2 different chair designs, an old style chair and adjustable one. A bonsai and a candle are there for a zen look. A curtain and the tiled floor complete the whole thing. The front face has 2 windows with a unique design for each. The back has also 2 windows and 2 archs.There is some flowers to bring life and colors to the building.

The roof is black to contrast with the other modular buildings. It has a new technic for the right angular roof. The left one is built with some pieces we rarely see. An air conditioner unit throne at the top, because it would be too hot in summer ! The flag brings more colors and dept to the set.

The overall look was made to be an old style building, with a ground floor made out of stone, a second floor in sand (green) color and details over the windows, and an angular roof.

The last picture is the new parts.

The Butchery is a great addition in any Lego city, brining some colors, some ''derivative'' ways to use some parts, and some new technic.

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