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School of Dance

In the lively town of Harmonyville, Dilly, a vibrant young girl with an insatiable passion for dance, stumbled upon an abandoned building. Inspired, she transformed it into Dilly's School of Dance, a welcoming space where children of all ages could embrace the joy of movement. Dilly's infectious energy and philosophy that there were no wrong moves, only unique expressions, turned the studio into a hub of creativity and friendship. The small school quickly flourished, gaining recognition beyond Harmonyville, as Dilly's students, under her guidance, not only learned dance but also discovered the transformative power of collaboration, self-expression, and acceptance.
Dilly's dream had far exceeded her expectations, and her heart swelled with pride as her students, once shy and uncertain, blossomed into confident performers. In the heart of Harmonyville, the rhythm of Dilly's School of Dance continued to beat, a testament to the power of passion, dedication, and the transformative magic of dance.

Revive Dilly's story with this legoset and play around the whole day in your room!
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It includes 3 minifigures

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