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Modular Library


This is my idea for a modular library. Mine is inspired by Romanesque buildings, giving it an archaic feel versus a more modern take on a library.

One the first floor is a statue, a book drop, a librarian's desk, two tables with lamps and a grand staircase.

The second floor contains walls of bookcases, four tables for minifigures to read or study at, and another table with an ancient map and documents.

The final floor contains multiple walls of bookcases and two shelves.

The minifigures that I've included are just a representation of what would be included in the real set, should one be made. I would like it to come with two librarians, a college student, and several adults and children.

Please support this project if you would like to see this project become an official LEGO set. Please don't hesitate to share this on any of you social media accounts to help spread the word! Don't forget to check out my other projects!



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