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The Mountain Lodge


This is a build that is unlike any other. It is a family place with a fountain at the front, the carrot farm with removable carrots, a fishing river behind the lodge with all the fisherman's tools--one to grab the fish and one to hold the fish next to the oven. Right next to the carrot farm is a sign advertising ice cream for sale, mail for the lodge, a two-person seating area, and a small table. Behind that is a small crate of water along with one fish--the catch of the day.  The second seating area is a view of the fountain near the street lamp. One side has a sign for three of the 10 items sold at the lodge Such as Pizza, fish, cookies, chocolate, ice cream, mugs, apples, carrots, bananas, and bread and all that food and the mugs are stored in the Attic. In the lower part of the lodge has a bright blue table in the corner along with a staircase that can be moved back to get access to the coffee machine With two more mugs for sale And next to the coffee machine is a cashier with a menu that says What The Lodge sells. The outdoor sale is just an extra part of the lodge to sell more and more stuff like cameras, the daily prophet, and even a green bike All the items in the outdoor sale are purchased in the lodge. This is an area with lights all over to make sure that all Minifigures can see. This set comes with six Minifigures each Minifigure has at least one accessory. The family is a mom, a baby, a dad, a little girl, and a grandma. The fisherman has a phone, The mom has a baby carrier with a baby in it and a Blue phone, And if you count the baby it is 7 minifigures, The dad has a water bottle and a phone along with a backpack for Mountain traveling, The grandma has a hiking helmet and A hiking stick, The little girl as a small purse, Binoculars, And money to buy a product from the outdoor sale or the lodge. The final minifigure is the cashier she just has a dollar bill to hand to a customer as Change. The backstory behind the lodge and all the people in it is a family that were camping in the woods and they went to the lodge to find supplies that they forgot to bring And wanted to explore the fishing River the carrot Farm the outdoor sale And of course the lodge. And while they were at it pick a few carrots from the carrot Farm and look at the fountain and make good memories together. Along with staying at the lodge and having a good jolly camping trip And I hope you can have a good old jolly time with this set just please vote for me And it might just happen. 

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