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Xankul: Lord Zancu's Hideout


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The World of Xankul

The world of Xankul is a mysterious and magical place filled with danger and beauty and where imagination runs wild. It was once a land of peace and adventure, but dark magic has entered this world and war has spread. Some of Xankul's many races have become infused with dark magic, causing some of them to fall into darkness...

The Set

This set focuses on a small swamp hideout on stilts. The interior has weapons storage and a writing desk. A trapdoor mechanism is underneath the hut, as well as the skeleton of a long lost traveler. Minifigures are Lord Zancu and a skeleton. (if you count them as such) 


  • 2 Minifigures: Lord Zancu and a Skeleton.
  • Trapdoor in the swamp.
  • Opening roof.
  • SWAMP!

The world of Xankul will expand in the future with more projects. 

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