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Miniature House Collection


During the holiday season, it has been a tradition in many cultures to set up a village of miniature houses. I've been doing it with many of the larger Lego models, but they take up too much space. What if we could buy a collection of various miniature houses and set them up for display? 

I've designed 4 different sized houses but used the same theme throughout. The possibilities of designing a variety of miniature houses are endless! Because they are small and won't use as many bricks as larger sets, the price range can be very reasonable to purchase one or more at a time. Depending on how these are packaged, this could also be a 2-in-1, 3-in-1, or even a 4-in-1 type of set!

If you like the idea, please support this project and share it with your friends and family! Thank you!

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