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Transport Terminal Module


What could a brick separator do other than separating Lego bricks? Make it into a Transport Terminal!


V-shape shelter design provide shade and shield Lego minifigures from rain, and yet provides sufficient clearance for the all Lego city trains and buses. 2-way train platform design allows for trains to travel in 2 directions.


Transport Terminal provides flexibility in switching play between train or bus station. When the platform is removed, train structure turns into a bus terminal. They also can be connected with one another to form a longer train/bus station. This meets the need for a longer platform required when multiple trains cars are connected. As illustrated in the pictures, the modules are via 3 x connecting pins at base black frame and 2 x technic liftarm on the brick separators at the module ends.

Note: Replicated Orange Bus from set 60026 and train from set 60051 are for illustration purposes only. Not included in the design.

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