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Dog: The Minifigure's Best Friend


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Dog: The Minifigure's Best Friend

Twenty-one years ago, LEGO launched the now-iconic 'Large Miniifigure Sculpture' (Set Number 3723). Today, 'Dog: The Minifigure's Best Friend' provides a fun, tail-wagging, furry (and appropriately to-scale) canine companion for minifigures everywhere to start up a playful game of fetch or pet behind the ears.

This proposal can also work simply as a great addition to the LEGO collection of any dog-lover.

The dog's design is based on the LEGO German Shepherd/Police Dog mold, but includes an option for builders to turn the dog's ears up or down to better resemble other dog breeds (or signal that a doggie treat is close at hand). The dog's tail is also articulated.

The complete model measures 11"x5"x17" and contains 1,956 pieces.

Similar to the LEGO's 'Large Minifigure Sculpture', the dog's body and head are largely hollow. I have included an image in the proposal's gallery of the dog built next to a large miniature to provide viewers with a sense of scale.

Once built, 'Dog: The Minifigure's Best Friend' might require house training... and will definitely need a walk around the block several times a day. 

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