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Hey, Brickaholics!

Today I am bringing you on a new and wonderful journey.

This design was inspired by GOOGLE and YOUTUBE.Google for giving me the idea to make the bonsai in the first place. Youtube for giving me the idea to make this a desk plant. I would recommend having this on a flat surface and only on a flat surface because it might break easily. I built this design in LDD and Rendered the pictures in

Information key information.


  • A total of 175 bricks.
  • Bonsai can be removed if you want to add another plant into it.


I hope you all enjoy this design and please be sure to support and follow. Also if you are able to share this design please share this design so we can get up to a higher Mark. I hope you all enjoy this and if you support and follow thank you very much.



Keep on bricking

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