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Hello All i all hope your are well and having a good summer  it has been a very long time since i uploded my last lego idea. So i have decided to upload a resubmission of my New York Gold Project as i care about this lego idea very much. I would like to take the time to say thanks to all of you guys that supported this project and got it to 60 supporters it was a huge achivement for my self. So on to the real reason why i wanted to resumbit this project was because that i love this lego idea very much and i think resubmitting it will gain more supporters and hopefully with your help we can achive the first milestone of 100 supporters and then as we progress through this year and 2018 we can eventully get my lego idea to the lego review and achive 10,000 supporters. I know this will take a long time but i'am willing to resumbit this as many times as nesecerry to achive the 10,000 support milestone.

I all hope you like my lego new york gold idea as well as the lego ideas team

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Many Thanks Double Data

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