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What is this? This is a re-creation of a game called Exoracer! Let’s dig in… 

This LEGO model shows many aspects of the game as its physics is to race against other players, on platforms and jump around. Some sort of alien like creatures, you control and level up and gain materials, and you can even build own levels in the game + much more.

This LEGO set is functional!
You can move around in-game assets like:
  • direction change (changes level movement which is right/left, the floating green arrow)
  • platform blocks (the purple blocks as you can see, can be moved around since they are put in with 2 Technic pins instead of 1 to make the blocks more stable)
  • air-jump ring (the big round circles with arrows, apart from "dash" at the very left that makes you fly forward)
  • finish flag (finishes a level, and maybe your build there too!)

So, customization in many ways which gives more fun to the builder after it's built done!
As long as you like creativity this is something for you. There's a lot to find out in this set, so be ready.

Don't forget the beautiful blue/purple mountain range background with tiles, which is built vertically.
The base is thick enough for this build to be stable and not fall that easily.

I think this would make a great set for kids/adults (8-16+) and give a new view to their favorite game, and also mine.

Idea created by Cronibet,
Game “Exoracer” by Frederic Schertenleib

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