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Flying Mobile Frame Zero


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Mobile Frame Zero ( is a table top game in which two or more player field “mobile frames” in units to obtain objectives over terrain that are all made from LEGO’s. Rules to play are available from the site as well. With all the small block LEGO’s that are out there, endless varieties and variants are possible.  Here I present a simple modification to the standard chub design that allows for a fast attack variant mobile frame.  Jet busters on back and foldable wings (with 4 laser turrets) provide short lifts or jumps for the frame. Each frame can be built from 60-80 typically single stud LEGO pieces to make some really cool looking 3" tall robots you can game with.

These simple to build kits are about $7-10 worth of LEGO's bought maybe in packs of 3-5 would provide a good fast attack unit for anyone's MFZ chub group




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