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Operation “Shiny”

This was an interesting mech. I made it using primarily grey and elements I consider “shiny”. The name shiny came while I was sorting my pieces. I call them shiny because they don’t really fit in with any of the other colors but there wasn’t enough of the color for it to have its own bin. So things like clear, smoky, pink, purple, and pieces that were actually shiny like gold and the several shades of silver. The turquoise blue I put in there because I didn’t want to have to dig in my blue bin for 15 minutes to find a single turquoise piece. That helped influence the name.

I actually made it to see if I could use the curved jailbars as part of a mech cockpit. I added the front grate last because the mech wasn’t very stable, and it ended up looking good.

so this mech has an opening cockpit and joints at the shoulders, hips, elbows, knees, all six fingers, and ankles. It can hold a machine gun and stay balanced. It has a wrench on the back for emergency maintenance. And of course, the character. Thank you for your support, and please support my other active ideas projects.

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