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Animals from the World

My idea is to make a Lego series called: "animals from the world".
In that serie you build animals from all over the world!
There are tons of minisets at a cheap price like 6-10€ for a set.

Let's have a look at those minisets.

The first one could be something like this. There are 2 adult penguins and their baby.
The background is icy and there is also a part of sea!
Let's have a look at another one!

Another one could look like a "piece" of jungle where is a monkey clinging on a tree and eating a banana. The background is with different colors of green and a smoll plant.
And then the other one...

And this is very simple... There are a crab and a seagull with a fish.
The background is a beach with a little piece of sea!
Those are some ideas but there are lots of animals sets cool to build like elephant, tiger, fishes etc etc...

Hope you like it! If so, please support me ; )

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